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B. How to remove access to students files in Google Classroom

How to remove access to students files in Google Classroom

The use of Google Classroom is a real revolution in education. However, sometimes some features are missing that would be really practical.

FastClassroomBlocker allows you to revoke access to students from files that are in a Google Classroom folder. By default, when a student submits his work via Classroom this file remains read-only. FastClassroomBlocker allows you to block access to the file the time you evaluate. Then, FastClassroomBlocker can restore access to files by restoring read-only settings to the users.

Here is a screenshot of the application.

To use my application go  the following address:

Then, go in Google Classroom assignement:

It is very important to understand that for the application to work properly, all students must have returned the work via Classroom before using the application. In this example, the procedure will work for 24 students, because two people did not turn in  the work back!

Click Done to access the following window:

You must click on the small gray folder, and then copy the folder ID to the address bar. Ex: 0B-ULdzWEp

Then, paste this folder Id  in the application in cell B1.

Finally, to revoke access to all students who are in this folder, just click 

The procedure should take a few seconds.

You can now evaluate the work without the students being able to see anything.

At the end of your correction, click  to restore the permission to the students to re-access the document in reading mode only. It should be noted that the student will be notified automatically that the file is now accessible by e-mail. 

To understand how FastClassroomBlocker works you can watch this little video.